What is “True North?” It’s a place you can’t find with a compass alone. Our founder, Chris Goeglein, selected the name True North because it embodies our company’s purpose. In the world of maps and nautical science, the phrase “true north” refers to the earth’s true north pole, or axis of spin. A magnetic compass points toward “magnetic north,” not to the true North Pole. The magnetic north pole wanders in an elliptical path and moves, on average, more than 40 meters each day. Even though the difference in degrees between “magnetic north” and “true north” is slight, it’s quite significant if you’re trying to get to the North Pole. Today, you’d miss it by about 500 miles. At True North Strategic Advisors, LLC, our goal is to guide your company in the perfect direction — close isn’t good enough for us . . . or for you.

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