RMK Design Associates, LLC has successfully been in business for 34 years with design expertise in the healthcare environment. RMK has completed projects in over 38 states from Maine to Hawaii and have worked on hundreds of medical practices and ASC projects. Our design projects have ranged from partial office remodels to over 75,000 square foot multi-story medical office buildings, encompassing all aspects of interior design. The interior design of a space can improve the atmosphere of a facility, complement the function of the space and provide a comfortable work place for the staff. In approaching a project we create the design concept for a space utilizing a combination of input, including the clients preferences, concepts created by architecture, budget parameters, code requirements depending on the type of facility and time limitations. Following the above criteria, our goal is to create an interior space that has longevity in style and color, low maintenance in upkeep, and a visually comfortable environment. We achieve our clients' and our goals by being responsive to calls and requests, completing all necessary paperwork on time, working with contractors and the client representatives as needed and overseeing all aspects of order entry and installation process. A reference list is available upon request.

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